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Triple head, one card with Catalyst fails

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  • Triple head, one card with Catalyst fails

    I have a three monitor setup on a HD5670 as follows:

    1. 17" on HDMI (with VGA adapter) as left
    2. 22" on DVI as center primary
    3. 17" on VGA as right

    The above setup on Opensuse 12.3 with the open source radeon driver is working perfectly and it was just some clicks to setup through KDE's control panel.

    I'm trying to do the same on Linux Mint 14 (installed on the same PC) where i have Catalyst installed (through the repos). First of all i cannot enable a third monitors. Catalyst's control panel always displays one monitor as disabled. Second the left (17") monitor is always the primary. When i had only two monitors (22" and the right 17"), the 22" was the first (and primary) with the 17"-right as extension.

    Is it possible to configure Catalyst the same way as radeon works, or i'm on dead end?

    If it is not possible how can i configure Catalyst to have only the two monitors (22" and 17"-right) but with the 22" as primary?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I haven't tried on windows 7...