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    I bought my laptop in September last year. Since then, I can hear shrieks (quite quiet, but hearable) supposedly coming from the graphics card. The problem occurs when I'm using (at least basing on what I can see) gpu-accelerated applications like glxgears or enlightenment17, or sometimes even Firefox. I think the high temperature isn't the reason, because the shrieks can be heard immediately after I run glxgears, when I move mouse on the e17's menu, or scroll in firefox(not always).

    Should I send the laptop to a service, or ignore the shrieks as they are natural for that machine? Is it a drivers fault? The problem appears on Arch Linux and Linux Mint when using propertiary drivers. As far as I remember, the problem doesn't appear when using open-suorce drivers, propably because they don't support hardware acceleration. The laptop is Toshiba L850-13N with AMD HD7670m (yup, I was a fool when I bought a machine with amd graphics).

    Glxgears' shrieks can only be heard when vertical refreshing and deformations' elimination are off. I don't know how these options are called in English since I use a Polish version of amdcccle.

    I can send the laptop to a service, but I'm afraid that they will just say it's software's fault and send it back.
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    I take that you verified that the noise comes from inside the computer and not from the loudspeakers.
    If so, this problem is known as "coil whine" and can probably not be fixed in software. Without hardware modification, coil whine can only be avoided to some degree, not fixed (e.g. by avoiding clock frequencies or loads that lead to resonance). Contact the manufacturer to find out whether the issue is covered under warranty.


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      @chithanh thank you so much for your answer.

      It propably doesn't change anything, but I've just found out that the problem occurs also when using open-source drivers with vertical refreshing off.