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Three monitors, one desktop, two 6950's. Possible?

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  • Three monitors, one desktop, two 6950's. Possible?

    I'm beginning to get the idea that, when you have two 6950 cards, it's not possible to have three DVI monitors with two hooked up to one card and one hooked up to the other while at the same time having a single desktop. I really don't want to use Xinerama (everything feels slow and besides it doesn't work with Unity on Ubuntu).

    This is the xorg.conf I've tried to use. With this xorg.conf I get a nicely-working desktop on the two monitors hooked up to the same card, but on the third monitor I get the generic gray X desktop with the "X" mouse cursor. When I move the mouse to that monitor it "captures" the mouse and I'm unable to move it back to the other two monitors. When I first boot up, my wallpaper actually appears on that third monitor for a second before it goes to the all-gray generic X desktop. it possible to get this configuration of cards and monitors working as a single desktop?

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    Why not connect 3 monitors to one card and crossfire the 2 gpu's?