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AMD Releases Catalyst 13.2 Beta 6 For Linux

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    Originally posted by duby229 View Post
    I don't get why sony would choose jaguar tho.... It's not that fast on a clock for clock basis (IPC) and it is a fairly low clock.. As well it has 8 cores and will be a bitch to get that much parallelism (TLP) out of it...

    It should be as smooth as a hot knife through warm butter though with that many cores going unused and with that much memory bandwidth.
    It's low power and cheap, and can completely shut off cores when they aren't in use.

    Plus, games generally don't require that much CPU power. At least, not if they are designed with that in mind. And when they can rely on a powerful GPU with OpenCL (or equivalent) technologies to crank through some of the stuff they may need done. Workloads that the Cell's SPUs could handle will probably run far better on the GPU, and the main programmable core on the Cell CPU was very weak.


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      Sony gets a special chip with GDDR5 support, you can not buy such a thing.
      I didn't say that I can get the same hardware. But GDDR5 alone wouldn't do any good if the whole architecture was bad.
      And my point is simply that AMD now has to care about OpenGL performance which MIGHT(!) lead to improvements even for desktop users.


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        Originally posted by kwahoo View Post
        From Alen Ladavac (main Croteam programmer):

        Just tested 13.2 beta 6 - intro/grass bugs still exists
        Thanks for testing + reporting.
        So, I will not try Beta6.


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          I can not install it on Ubuntu 13.04


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            With these latest amd drivers, the update from Valve on tf2, the game now runs amazingly fluent on my pc.

            I could not be more happy.

            I can't see the difference with the windows version any more.

            Were getting close to the point were it runs faster on linux then on windows.

            HD 5750

            One thing I have to add.
            I also installed a tool to set kernel cpu freqency setting.

            Changed it from on demand to performance, which made serious sam 3 run good.
            Before I had problems with dramatic drops in fps.

            But TF2 now runs more fluent then I thought possible.


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              I've been quite happy with both steam and the amd drivers. Both TF2 and Bastion work on my A10-5.8k with precious and the latest beta catalyst.