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AMD Legacy Catalyst 13.1 for HD2000-4000 is out

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    Feel free to install Kanotix if you want my support. I did not install Ubuntu for about 1 year to try it there. The absolutely latest testimages from 130211 have got a little installer error but that could be fixed easyly. The bot would tell you (when you ask !installer in the irc it is the 2nd command). You find images at:;O=D

    After hd install the bot shows instructions to install with


    (for hd 5000+ it would be: !amddeb and for nvidia gf 7+: !nvdeb)

    The 130211 iso has kernel 3.8 rc6 (next will have rc7). It is of course possible to install Steam via a script on Kanotix (run it as root+user):

    Also the bot knows how to compile xbmc with xvba support via


    i prefer self compiled xbmc snapshots. xvba-va-driver is patched for h264 l5.1, also i forced h264 l5.1 on for the legacy driver and added patches to support kernel 3.8. vlc can be used to test video accelleration as well when you turn it on.

    currently i work on secure boot support. i have it working in live mode and i could fix a hd install afterwards but i want of course direct hd install support (i use the linux foundation preloader).


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      I doubt that it works. One Kanotix user had similar issues with that fglrx-legacy driver with this AGP HD 4 card.
      Yeah, I remember the last couple AGP RadeonHD users I "spoke" with reported that Catalyst legacy was a no go (also with "no supported adapters").

      Originally posted by bridgman
      Strictly speaking I guess I did, although in my mind I was "responding to the parts where I might be able to help" rather than "sidestepping the other parts"
      There you go again, sidestepping your sidestepping...


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        Well i replaced the control file of course too, that error will not be there. It worked for Killing Floor and Team Fortress 2 but NOT for Serious Sam 3 - no matter if i used a HD 4550 or HD 5670 with that legay driver.


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          Btw. Kanotix Dragonfire installer issues are fixed, just look at the page for test images:


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            I've got a Radeon HD 4650 AGP & I'm trying to get it to work through fglrx in a clean install of Debian Wheezy [64-bit], but I'm not having any success yet. I might as well join this thread if thats ok. Here's my installation process.

            1. Fresh install of Debian Wheezy 64-bit, CD snapshot from 11th Feb 2013, then updated to current.

            2. Append 'radeon.modeset=0' in GRUB otherwise I get a black screen on first boot. I then edit /etc/modprobe.d/radeon-kms.conf & change 'option radeon modeset' from 1 to 0.

            3. Install the required Debian packages; linux-headers-3.2.0-4-amd64 build-essential.

            4. Go through the installation process for 13.1 legacy [] & it appears to complete ok. Ending message:
            For further configuration of the driver, please run aticonfig from a terminal window or AMD CCC:LE from the Desktop Manager Menu.
            System must be rebooted to avoid system instability and potential data loss.
            See /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for installation details.
            Removing temporary directory: fglrx-install.RGClxS
            5. Reboot.

            6. KDE desktop doesn't seem any more fluid using the open-source driver, windows are slow to redraw as I move them around.

            7. Try to open Catalyst Control Centre, I get an error message:
            There was a problem initializing CCC Linux edition. It could be casued by the following. 
            No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. 
            Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware configuration using aticonfig
            8. $ aticonfig
            No protocol specified
            aticonfig: No supported adapters detected
            9. $ fglrxinfo
            No protocol specified
            Error: unable to open display (null)
            10. /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log
            Check if system has the tools required for installation.
            Uninstalling any previously installed drivers.
            Unloading radeon module...
            Unloading drm module...
            Error: Module drm is in use by: drm_kms_helper ttm
            [Message] Kernel Module : Trying to install a precompiled kernel module.
            [Message] Kernel Module : Precompiled kernel module version mismatched.
            [Message] Kernel Module : Found kernel module build environment, generating kernel module now.
            AMD kernel module generator version 2.1
            doing Makefile based build for kernel 2.6.x and higher
            rm -rf *.c *.h *.o *.ko *.a .??* *.symvers
            make -C /lib/modules/3.2.0-4-amd64/build SUBDIRS=/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x modules
            make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-4-amd64'
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/firegl_public.o
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/kcl_acpi.o
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/kcl_agp.o
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/kcl_debug.o
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/kcl_ioctl.o
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/kcl_io.o
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/kcl_pci.o
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/kcl_str.o
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/kcl_iommu.o
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/kcl.o
              CC [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/kcl_wait.o
              LD [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/fglrx.o
              Building modules, stage 2.
              MODPOST 1 modules
              CC      /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/fglrx.mod.o
              LD [M]  /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/2.6.x/fglrx.ko
            make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-4-amd64'
            build succeeded with return value 0
            duplicating results into driver repository...
            You must change your working directory to /lib/modules/fglrx
            and then call ./ in order to install the built module.
            - recreating module dependency list
            - trying a sample load of the kernel modules
            [Reboot] Kernel Module : update-initramfs
            11. $ lsmod
            Module                  Size  Used by
            nls_utf8               12456  1 
            nls_cp437              16553  1 
            vfat                   17316  1 
            fat                    45642  1 vfat
            usb_storage            43870  1 
            radeon                639136  0 
            ttm                    48725  1 radeon
            drm_kms_helper         27227  1 radeon
            drm                   167720  3 drm_kms_helper,ttm,radeon
            power_supply           13475  1 radeon
            nfsd                  216029  2 
            nfs                   312283  0 
            nfs_acl                12511  2 nfs,nfsd
            auth_rpcgss            37143  2 nfs,nfsd
            fscache                36739  1 nfs
            lockd                  67306  2 nfs,nfsd
            sunrpc                173774  6 lockd,auth_rpcgss,nfs_acl,nfs,nfsd
            loop                   22641  0 
            fglrx                3203516  0 
            snd_emu10k1_synth      13068  0 
            snd_emux_synth         33013  1 snd_emu10k1_synth
            snd_seq_midi_emul      12770  1 snd_emux_synth
            snd_seq_virmidi        13175  1 snd_emux_synth
            snd_emu10k1           128138  3 snd_emu10k1_synth
            snd_util_mem           12747  2 snd_emu10k1,snd_emux_synth
            snd_ac97_codec        106942  1 snd_emu10k1
            snd_hwdep              13186  2 snd_emu10k1,snd_emux_synth
            snd_seq_midi           12848  0 
            snd_seq_midi_event     13316  2 snd_seq_midi,snd_seq_virmidi
            dvb_pll                17012  1 
            snd_rawmidi            23060  3 snd_seq_midi,snd_emu10k1,snd_seq_virmidi
            cx22702                12916  1 
            ir_lirc_codec          12719  0 
            snd_pcm                68083  2 snd_ac97_codec,snd_emu10k1
            cx88_dvb               30564  0 
            lirc_dev               17031  1 ir_lirc_codec
            snd_page_alloc         13003  2 snd_pcm,snd_emu10k1
            cx88_vp3054_i2c        12564  1 cx88_dvb
            ir_mce_kbd_decoder     12615  0 
            ir_sony_decoder        12435  0 
            videobuf_dvb           12762  1 cx88_dvb
            dvb_core               77683  2 videobuf_dvb,cx88_dvb
            ir_jvc_decoder         12433  0 
            rc_cinergy_1400        12401  0 
            snd_seq                45126  5 snd_seq_midi_event,snd_seq_midi,snd_seq_virmidi,snd_seq_midi_emul,snd_emux_synth
            ir_rc6_decoder         12433  0 
            snd_seq_device         13176  5 snd_seq,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq_midi,snd_emu10k1,snd_emu10k1_synth
            ir_rc5_decoder         12433  0 
            snd_timer              22917  3 snd_seq,snd_pcm,snd_emu10k1
            cx8800                 35584  0 
            cx8802                 17390  1 cx88_dvb
            ir_nec_decoder         12433  0 
            snd                    52889  14 snd_timer,snd_seq_device,snd_seq,snd_pcm,snd_rawmidi,snd_hwdep,snd_ac97_codec,snd_emu10k1,snd_seq_virmidi,snd_emux_synth
            i2c_nforce2            12584  0 
            cx88xx                 72141  3 cx8802,cx8800,cx88_dvb
            btcx_risc              12555  3 cx88xx,cx8802,cx8800
            tveeprom               20593  1 cx88xx
            videobuf_dma_sg        13231  4 cx88xx,cx8802,cx8800,cx88_dvb
            videobuf_core          17825  5 videobuf_dma_sg,cx88xx,cx8802,cx8800,videobuf_dvb
            v4l2_common            13222  2 cx88xx,cx8800
            videodev               70889  3 v4l2_common,cx88xx,cx8800
            v4l2_compat_ioctl32    16655  1 videodev
            media                  18148  1 videodev
            rc_core                18286  10 cx88xx,ir_nec_decoder,ir_rc5_decoder,ir_rc6_decoder,rc_cinergy_1400,ir_jvc_decoder,ir_sony_decoder,ir_mce_kbd_decoder,ir_lirc_codec
            i2c_algo_bit           12841  3 cx88xx,cx88_vp3054_i2c,radeon
            soundcore              13065  1 snd
            ac97_bus               12510  1 snd_ac97_codec
            edac_mce_amd           17103  0 
            edac_core              35258  0 
            i2c_core               23876  14 i2c_algo_bit,videodev,v4l2_common,tveeprom,cx88xx,i2c_nforce2,cx8800,cx88_vp3054_i2c,cx88_dvb,cx22702,dvb_pll,drm,drm_kms_helper,radeon
            emu10k1_gp             12498  0 
            gameport               13612  2 emu10k1_gp
            k8temp                 12647  0 
            shpchp                 31293  0 
            powernow_k8            17618  1 
            mperf                  12453  1 powernow_k8
            processor              28157  1 powernow_k8
            thermal_sys            18040  1 processor
            evdev                  17562  11 
            pcspkr                 12579  0 
            button                 12937  1 fglrx
            ext4                  350601  1 
            crc16                  12343  1 ext4
            jbd2                   62065  1 ext4
            mbcache                13114  1 ext4
            sg                     25874  0 
            usbhid                 36418  0 
            sr_mod                 21899  0 
            cdrom                  35401  1 sr_mod
            hid                    81328  1 usbhid
            sd_mod                 36136  5 
            crc_t10dif             12348  1 sd_mod
            ohci_hcd               22467  0 
            ata_generic            12479  0 
            r8169                  46972  0 
            sata_nv                26690  0 
            ehci_hcd               40215  0 
            pata_amd               13322  2 
            mii                    12675  1 r8169
            libata                140630  3 pata_amd,sata_nv,ata_generic
            usbcore               128681  5 ehci_hcd,ohci_hcd,usbhid,usb_storage
            scsi_mod              162269  5 libata,sd_mod,sr_mod,sg,usb_storage
            usb_common             12354  1 usbcore
            *Note 'radeon' & 'fglrx' both show in the above.

            12. lspci
            00:00.0 Host bridge: NVIDIA Corporation nForce3 250Gb Host Bridge (rev a1)                                           
            00:01.0 ISA bridge: NVIDIA Corporation nForce3 250Gb LPC Bridge (rev a2)                                             
            00:01.1 SMBus: NVIDIA Corporation nForce 250Gb PCI System Management (rev a1)                                        
            00:02.0 USB controller: NVIDIA Corporation CK8S USB Controller (rev a1)                                              
            00:02.1 USB controller: NVIDIA Corporation CK8S USB Controller (rev a1)                                              
            00:02.2 USB controller: NVIDIA Corporation nForce3 EHCI USB 2.0 Controller (rev a2)                                  
            00:08.0 IDE interface: NVIDIA Corporation CK8S Parallel ATA Controller (v2.5) (rev a2)                               
            00:09.0 IDE interface: NVIDIA Corporation nForce3 Serial ATA Controller 2 (rev a2)                                   
            00:0a.0 IDE interface: NVIDIA Corporation nForce3 Serial ATA Controller (rev a2)                                     
            00:0b.0 PCI bridge: NVIDIA Corporation nForce3 250Gb AGP Host to PCI Bridge (rev a2)                                 
            00:0e.0 PCI bridge: NVIDIA Corporation nForce3 250Gb PCI-to-PCI Bridge (rev a2)                                      
            00:18.0 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] HyperTransport Technology Configuration      
            00:18.1 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] Address Map                                  
            00:18.2 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] DRAM Controller                              
            00:18.3 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] Miscellaneous Control                        
            01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV730 Pro AGP [Radeon HD 4600 Series]        
            01:00.1 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV710/730 HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 4000 series]              
            02:08.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 06)                                         
            02:08.1 Input device controller: Creative Labs SB Live! Game Port (rev 06)
            02:09.0 Multimedia video controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder (rev 05)
            02:09.2 Multimedia controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder [MPEG Port] (rev 05)
            02:0d.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8169 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 10)
            System specs: AMD Athlon X2 4200+ skt.939, 2GB Ram, MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum mobo., Gigabyte Radeon HD 4650 GV-R465D2-DI 1GB GDDR2 AGP, Corsair TX550M PSU, SB Live! Value PCI, Terratec TV card PCI, 10.2 GB IDE HDD (this is for testing, I've got bigger SATA one once I get this test installation sorted out), ASUS SATA DVD drive.

            So, it isn't working for me. It'd be great if these drivers could be fixed or if anyone can see from the above if I'm doing anything wrong? Thanks in advance.


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              What about:
              sudo amdconfig --initial -f --adapter=all

              amdconfig with no arguments doesn't do much .. The above command should create a valid xorg.conf that uses fglrx.


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                Thanks for your reply. However, it still didn't detect my card.
                [email protected]:/home/zippy# amdconfig --initial -f --adaptor=all
                No protocol specified
                amdconfig: No supported adapters detected
                [email protected]:/home/zippy# aticonfig --initial -f --adaptor=all
                No protocol specified
                aticonfig: No supported adapters detected
                I did both adaptor & adapter spelling, same outcome.


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                  So you did read the rest of the thread, right? If so, why would you expect the outcome of installing fglrx on a RadeonHD 4000 AGP to be different than others'?

                  Edit: Good luck with that though, Mr. Quixote


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                    Yes, I did. I'm just checking I wasn't doing anything wrong & adding my voice to help encourage the problem being fixed in a future driver release.

                    Thanks for your input though.


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                      Originally posted by mr_marmalade View Post
                      *Note 'radeon' & 'fglrx' both show in the above.
                      I don't think the radeon module should be loaded at all. In Arch, whenever I've installed fglrx, I've always had to blacklist the radeon module, to stop it from auto-loading at boot. Also, you might want to check the following link for instructions. Not sure, how up-to-date their Debian guide is though (their Ubuntu guide is excellent btw).