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Linux Deep Colour support - AMD v4900 + 10-bit/channel monitors ?

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  • Linux Deep Colour support - AMD v4900 + 10-bit/channel monitors ?

    I have been using a regular i7 based laptop + Dell 2711 running Ubuntu-64 as my primary photo editing till now and plan to build a new system with deep-colour/wide-Gamut support (10-bit/channel) work-flow. Since Dell-2711 supports 10-bits/channel (and also supports wide gamut AFAIK) I was wondering

    - if there are stable drivers from AMD or OSS drivers that enable this (AFAIK this is not possible in consumer graphics cards but only on the FirePro and other workstation series) ? if yes has someone tired it ?
    - if there are RAW processors/ Photo Editors that actually make use of the 10-bit work-flow (I use Corel ASP & GIMP which AFAIK do not support deep colour)
    - if there are Spectrometers/Colorimeters that work on Linux (similar to the Hughski ColorHug) that also support 10-bit/Channel

    would love to know your opinion before I plunk the money (around next week). Please do suggest alternate set-up/s if any (I'd like to stay true to Linux so changing OS is not an option)