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AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta Linux Driver Released

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    I don't understand, i have PC and notebook.

    In PC i use HD 5850 and Catalyst 12.8. Its works fine, and next i upgrade driver to 12.9 beta and its works fine.
    In notebook i use hd 5650 mobility and open source driver. When i install Catalyst 12.9 beta its something wrong. I have Catayst panel but if i try to open i see error - driver is no installed or no configurated. In concole i try amdconfig but i see only no detected hardware support.
    When i use XFdrake --auto its works Catalyst 12.9 beta but i see in right down corner text "amd unsopported hardware" but catalyst its works fine.

    How Fix it? Maybe this driver is no for HD 5650 mobility? When i install previous driver 12,8 its work fine without text unsopportred hardware.

    I dont understand, maybe its fix for it? Maybe this driver not support my GPU or maybe i can delete this text in my display?


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      Originally posted by xpris View Post
      "amd unsopported hardware"
      Do you use the one available at

      As said above Ubuntu received a "special" 12.9 beta available at

      The ubuntu one works for me on archlinux and HD 6550M while the official one from had the same unsupported hardware watermark.
      Also, the one from ubuntu has xorg 1.13 support while the one from does not.
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        Yes I use driver from AMD site. I run file driver and build auto packs for my distro Mageia 2.


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          Originally posted by pandev92 View Post
          I believed that my pc was overheating by free drivers, but the other day it clean with compressed air and my pc has a very low temperature,

          Adapter: Virtual device
          temp1: +67.0?C

          Adapter: PCI adapter
          temp1: +66.1?C (high = +70.0?C)
          (crit = +115.5?C, hyst = +110.5?C)

          After I had 90 degrees, but now my pc is fresh , Thank you amd for drop my card, Now I use a decent driver. No tearing on opengl output for videos, good opengl perfomance, good desktop effects performance, good native games performance, I play every day amnesia with this drivers and I don't have any problem .

          My pc is a hp pavilion dv6 2120 with radeon 4650
          Indeed, I have also had a very good experience with a 4650 and the free R600 Gallium 3D radeon drivers. Good gaming performance, good desktop performance, and decent temperatures.

          Adapter: PCI adapter
          temp1: +48.5?C

          Adapter: PCI adapter
          temp1: +31.4?C (high = +70.0?C)

          Granted, that is on "low" PM setting. Highest I have ever gotten on "high" is only 66? degrees though, and only when playing Trine 2.


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            Originally posted by xpris View Post
            "amd unsopported hardware" but catalyst its works fine.

            How Fix it?
            The watermark is a common problem with catalyst, instructions how to disable it can be found via the forum search.


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              Originally posted by sonnet View Post
              What do you mean slow?
              Is it something you can quatify with a benchmark?
              Are they slow only with xorg 1.13 or even with 1.12?
              Other people reported to be faster than previous releases.
              What DE are you running?

              I'm interested as I have a Radeon too, and I'm waiting good drivers to install Quantal
              In fact, this drivers works great!! I talked about wine games: on Unity, wine 3D games like Skyrim or AION have a poor framerate. I need to replace Unity with metacity to play them at full speed.