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  • AMD-ATI zerocore

    Hi all,

    I'm very interested in 7000 series feature called "zerocore" which puts the card in a sort of standby mode when screen goes blank.

    I have note been able to find any input regarding zerocore support under linux runing FGLRX.

    Does anyone has information about zerocore support under GNU/linux?

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    just testet it on hd7750 and fglrx 12.9 ,ubuntu 12.04, ASPM on

    with code: "xset dpms force off"

    whole computer measured:
    idle: around 43W
    idle monitor off: around 42W

    dont know if that 1W accounts to zerocore or something else related
    aspm activated did lower it around 6W in idle though


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      Power up your machine. Put it into lowest power state as you can. Measure it.
      Reboot, set in BIOS/UEFI - continue on all errors.

      Open the machine, remove GPU completely. Reboot. If it boots till sound, measure - thats raw performance without GPU.
      It doesn?t play any role if Xorg was started or no, main point is cpu-governor should start and that happens if kernel and init system work.

      You can make a daemon to create some random file at end of the boot as confirmation that machine did boot.


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        the hd7750 idles around 5W

        zerocore reduces that to 3W

        so my 1W less finding may be the zerocore deepest state cause they used an active cooler version there(+1W?) an i have a passive card.
        but doas it matter?
        0,002kW*24h*365d*0,25cent/kWh=4,38? /year difference if its idle all the time