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People incorrectly assume that AMD drivers suck. They don't.

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  • The binary AMD drivers work perfectly for me. Fast boot, flawless video playback, low power consumption, excellent gaming performance, no crashes or glitches at all (not a single kernel panic or lockup in almost two years!). I used to have a lot of problems on both Ubuntu and Fedora with AMD's drivers, and I was even considering buying an NVIDIA GPU, but then I figured out a much easier solution: I switched to Windows 7.


    • Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
      I too have a laptop with an AMD APU. Very similar one, in fact, a 3500M.
      In contrast to your experiences, this has got to be THE most stable device I've ever had the pleasure of owning. I have battery life that blows the "specs" out of the water, smooth stable performance, boot time under 5 seconds, suspend/resume work 100%, EVERY component working perfectly with a straight-out-of-the-box Fedora 17 install with updates as they come.

      What interests me about your post is your reference to time. 5 minutes. I wonder if you might be experiencing a HEAT related issue? Have you checked if it is running high temperature when it locks up or shuts down? Do you have dual graphics? If you do, have you disabled the discrete chip or is it running? The discrete chip in mine has the ability to raise the temperature by over 25 degrees C when it is switched on and set to high. Does your cooling fan run fast when its about to shut down? Does your cooling fan run AT ALL EVER? Mine idles at 39-41 degrees C, fan comes on occasionally, but mostly off.

      As others have explained, you could be experiencing an issue that is NOT related to the graphics or CPU. There is a lot of different hardware that could be responsible. BIOS as well. You could also be experiencing a bug in your distro.

      AMD APU's are EXTREMELY stable in Linux.
      Well, God must love you, buddy!

      As for me, sold my Asus 1215B (E-350 APU), and bought Asus A43E (i3 2350M). The former never give a good result on Arch (but with radeon, not AMD blob). It felt so sloooooow it's counterproductive.