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2D problems after installing ATI 8.40.4

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  • 2D problems after installing ATI 8.40.4

    Hi everyone.

    So ive installed Fedora 7, and installed the ATI 8.40.4 (fglrx) driver and it didnt work. After 5 hours i figured out i instaled it in the wrong kernel version. I removed the driver and installed it through the rpm build Fedora/F7 command and it created all the rpms and successfully installed them, and now the OpenGL (fglrx) 3D is working fine.. but now the 2D stuff is a little wonky. Draging the windows creates a bit of a ghosting effect, and the bouncing KDE Fedora icons have this box around them with some pixalation around them. Before installing the driver, the bouncing icons were fine. If anyone could help that would be awsome.

    Im running kernel