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Nvidia Loses 10 Million PC order in China; AMD Called In Instead

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    Originally posted by Sven View Post
    I'm aware of this. But even if the free/open-source AMD drivers do not match the binary ones, they provide better hardware support.
    And the drivers are getting better!
    Of course, it's a long way to create good drivers and this takes lot of time, but why should this be a reason not to make the specs public?
    Let the community decide what they make out of the specs! Even if they are not able to make a better driver, the kernel support will
    getting better and the developers are satisfied... And we will not see the dirty finger again ;-)
    I agree, but until the open source drivers have the same performance level and support latest generation cards as fast as they are put on market, it makes no sense to buy based on what will happen in the future. And I have little hope that open source drivers will ever reach that point. That stinks but I'm afraid the Mesa team is too small.