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Fedora 15 -- Successful build of ati 12.4 driver with simple kernel file edit

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  • Fedora 15 -- Successful build of ati 12.4 driver with simple kernel file edit

    I was having a great deal of difficulty installing official ati drivers from amd for many versions due to install failures.
    Today I carefully read the /usr/share/ati/flgrx-install.log file which reported a compile error in one of the modules.

    I managed to fix the problem with a very simple edit that I thought may be useful to others.
    If your failed installation log file indicates an error due to
    called object '2' is not a function
    in /usr/src/kernels/ then there is a very easy fix. Similar for
    other fedora releases should also hold true.

    1) cd /usr/src/kernels/
    (or to whatever release version you currently are using)

    2a) cp uaccess_64.h uaccess_64.h-

    2b) (2a) was for safety in case you need to go back.

    3) edit uaccess_64.h with your favorite editor to find the line indicated in /usr/share/ati/flgrx-install.log (line 57 for me) and delete the line that begins with "WARN". Thus

    #ifdef CONFIG_DEBUG_VM
                    WARN(1, "Buffer overflow detected!\n");
    should look like

    #ifdef CONFIG_DEBUG_VM

    4) In the previous step you have deleted a bit of code that is supposed to write a warning message to standard out if there is a buffer overflow; but there is something wrong with the syntax which I could not figure out from the man page. Notwithstanding, deleting is not dangerous since it is just a printed warning message.

    5) Now go back to the directory where you have the amd driver and try to re-install your amd driver:


    This worked perfectly for me. Hope it is helpful for other. -sg

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    How are the drivers performing,good enough for doing some gaming,i?m looking for a good linux distro for my 5770,is Fedora good for my graphic card?