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AMD Catalyst: Unsafe at any speed.

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    Sometimes a simple thing like putting the monitor in standby mode will make the system unable to wake up. (Which was the subject of my bug report.), this has been ongoing for at least a year, I only decided to file a bug report because this way I have something to point to when they say "where is the bug report?", but it should be obvious to most people that this happens. It's kind of hard to not notice your system going to sleep and not waking up, and having to hold down the power button.
    jup, have the same with my 5850 (original by AMD afaik)

    this is clearly a showstopper for me and thus I stopped using catalyst several months ago, besides that it's not working properly with kwin, is less stable than the opensource-driver (which has significantly improved in the last few months) and also oftentimes slower (e.g. when scrolling, ...)

    would be nice if AMD could fix that issue so I could start using & testing catalyst again - just in case I need the full potential of the hardware that I paid for, mkay ? ...