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AMD 7850 drivers?

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  • AMD 7850 drivers?

    I've got one in my system and none of the open source drivers or the original AMD drivers exist....

    I should have done my research before purchasing, I've learned my lesson.

    Anyone know when these are expected to come out?

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    I'll ask internally, hold on...


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      Any news on the drivers?


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        What I've found out so far is :

        - the 8.95 release (Cat 12.3) includes support for HD 7870 but not HD 7850
        - an 8.951 release which includes HD 7850 support (and HD 7750/7770) just exited QA in the last day or two
        - the Catalyst folks are going to post the 8.951 Linux driver but I haven't heard back yet re: when it will go up


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          I hope it comes out soon, I've already got my third monitor ready and everything.


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            I've now had this card collecting dust for a week... I really don't wanna return it but it seems that AMD isn't going to release the drivers anytime soon.

            They should have more than 4 people working on this.... I understand the linux community is small but this much is pretty bad.


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              There are a lot more than 4 people working on it -- the in-house open source driver team is 4 AMD developers plus a number of community developers, but we're talking about the proprietary drivers which come from separate teams inside AMD.

              I pinged the Catalyst folks again today re: posting schedule for the 8.951 driver.


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                Thank you for the update and sorry if I seem impatient. Also its not like Nvidia has much linux drivers for their newer cards.


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                  ETA for web posting is Wednesday (Mar 28). I expect it will be another off-cycle release so don't know if it will have a Catalyst version number, but 8.951 is the internal version you're looking for. There will probably be an associated Knowledge Base (KB) record.


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                    Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you're only a day away.

                    tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, amd shall release these drivers that day.

                    Can't wait to finally use my card.