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3+ Monitors on mobile FireGL with Catalyst

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  • 3+ Monitors on mobile FireGL with Catalyst

    Hi. I've read some other threads on Eyefinity with desktop cards but I cannot get it working on my notebook.

    I have an HP 8460w and I'm trying to connect two external monitors, one on displayport and the other VGA. No matter what I set my 'Virtual' line to be in xorg.conf I cannot get simultaneous output on LVDS, DFP1, and CRT1. xrandr tries and fails with a crtc 2 error, amdcccle tries and fails with a message about inadequate memory (baloney) or just not being possible.

    So why should this be? I can't afford the docking station yet but my understanding with this graphics chip and laptop is that 4 external simultaneous displays should be possible in addition to the laptop screen. Could it have something to do with the VGA port?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Big Desktop Mode

    Are these options deprecated in fglrx or no?

    Big Desktop mode(s):
    There is a single big frame buffer that gets split either horizontally or vertically and each half is sent to
     a single monitor. Both monitors have to operate with the same video mode settings and only one 
    window manager can be used. 
    The orientation is set with:
    "0x00000200"   Primary display is left.
    "0x00000201"   Primary display is right.
    "0x00000300"   Primary display is top.
    "0x00000301"   Primary display is bottom.
    Is there some undocumented xorg.conf setting that enables Eyefinity? I am stumped, and kind of annoyed at AMD...


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      I booted an Ubuntu livecd (12.04 beta1) which uses the radeon KMS driver. From there I was able to power two external monitors and the laptop display simultaneously but the displayport monitor showed an odd corruption. I could rotate the monitors but only if they were both rotated to the same orientation.

      So this should imply that the VGA and displayport can function simultaneously, but why is this failing with Catalyst 12-2?

      Is there a way to get extended debugging output from xrandr?