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AMD Catalyst 12.2 For Linux Brings Few Changes

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    And what fancy 3d effect does your email client use? I would expect that your crash is more sound related.
    Nvidia bug causes evolution to crash/segmentation fault. Temporary and permanent fixes on Debian Testing :

    nvidia 295.20 bug causing gnome-shell to crash on Debian Testing :


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      So in installed and ran this on my 5770 with no problem, so whatever is going on with the driver and ur card does not hold true for the whole evergreen generation. Maybe its not fglrx thats the problem? there's always a first time for everything


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        Maybe not for 57*, but most likely for 56* and 54*. Btw. test 4 is where most oss drivers fail. You can call it directly using
        gl2benchmark -sceneselect 4
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          installed it and ...

          Wake from suspend and hibernation still broken with my Acer One 722 netbook

          I wish there was a better way to tell AMD that I'm not happy with them. Hell, just an acknowledgment saying, they are working on my bug would be amazing. I test software for a living and it amazes me that so many complaints are ignored. They haven't to realize that they are losing money because of this.

          I know it's there issue because the open source driver, while slow, work fine.


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            FINALLY!!! The GNOME Shell top-bar is displayed on the actual primary monitor! *performs a little dance*

            Until 12.2, the top-bar was always displayed on the left-hand (or top) monitor, despite setting the right-hand (or bottom) monitor as primary.
            Do note that it ain't perfect yet: sometimes programs are still launched on the left-hand monitor; for some reason the login screen is now positioned on the left-hand monitor, while this was the only thing that was working properly before; and don't try to manually use xrandr to change the primary monitor, it will fail and will cause the top-bar to be displayed on the left-hand monitor at all times again.
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              In my case the identifiers of the monitors have been changed with the 12.2 drivers. What used to be "DFP4" and "DFP5" are now "DFP10" and "DFP11".
              If your pre-12.2 configuration suddenly stopped working after the update, e.g. your multi-monitor setup, check your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and ~/.config/monitors.xml config files. You might need to either update or clean up the files by altering the identifiers to the new ones or removing now redundant sections (if you have been using amdconfig, the CCC or GNOME display settings after the update).

              To determine your new identifiers use:
              xrandr -q
              This nullifies my comments in the previous post: You can use xrandr manually to change the primary monitor, just make sure you use the new identifiers.

              Also, to fix the login screen being positioned on the left-hand (or top) monitor despite have the right-hand (or bottom) monitor as primary: add the following to /etc/X11/xorg.conf for the appropriate Monitor section:
              Option	    "Primary" "1"
              And perform a new initialization afterwards:
              sudo amdconfig --input=/etc/X11/xorg.conf
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                I do see some progress with my HD6670 on Fedora 16
                The GNOME3 experience is gradually improving. Moving windows is no longer choppy, it is nearly perfectly smooth. A good experience now.
                The "random" crashes of the GNOME shell (probably caused by fglrx memory corruption) have reduced, but are still there and unpredictable. At least
                they do not happen every 10 minutes or so now, but rather once an hour or so.