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X restarting itself when desktop effects are enable

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  • X restarting itself when desktop effects are enable

    I'm using the latest Catalyst version (12.1, I think), in Mandriva 2010.2 (kernel 3.1.6) and KDE 4.5.5. My board is a Radeon HD 6450.

    When I turn on the desktop effects in KDE, the screen gets black (after a short period of time), and X restarts itself, bring me to the login screen.

    There is anything I can do to solve this?

    Thank you.

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    Just a update, I found that the problem happens with more people.

    And I filed this bug:


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      I posted more information about my issue, but seems that my post was removed.

      Is it was? If yes, why?


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        Today, I decide try to install the current Mandriva version (2011.0). It was very difficult, most because the AMD board but, in the end, everything worked.

        I'm using it for some hours, with the desktop effects enabled. Until now I didn't had a single crash so, for the moment, this problem is solved.

        Thank you.