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Is there any guide on xorg.conf for ATI?

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    Originally posted by rocky_raccoon View Post
    I did as Acidphase suggested:

    Xorg -configure returned error, last lines said:
    [    35.741] Number of created screens does not match number of detected devices.
      Configuration failed.
    Full log at

    About aticonfig --px-dgpu, no use, high performance mode is active and has always been.

    lspci -v output:

    finally aticonfig --adapter=all --initial is at

    Thanks, I gave up trying different configurations. I hope you can still help.
    Yep, The error is correct when I looked at the output of the it setup a screen sections for 6 screens and in each screen section a card for for a total of 6 cards,6 screens, and 6 monitors lol.
    I would delete any screen/Monitor sections past Screen1 and also delete them in the server layout section.
    If you look closely reason why you got 6 of each is because it gave you "other" driver options for both devices "fbdev,vesa" plus the two radeon sections so thats 2x3 = 6.
    With that said comment out the other driver sections or delete them. (I say comment out because if you may want to try to use those drivers one of other drivers later might get you going)
    Than you should be able to use the config file without getting that error.

    Like this: