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fglrx + llano + voltages

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  • fglrx + llano + voltages

    Does anyone know if fglrx adjust voltages on llano ? Or is this strickly controlled by the bios ?

    Nomatter what voltage I select in the bios for "CPU NB/GFX Voltage" the ADL sdk reports 1.14v for both perf levels.
    No NB or GFX settings above 600MHz are stable.
    It seems that most other people with different llano motherboards are able to select 1.18 or 1.20v and use 700MHz to 800MHz for the NB/GFX.

    I suspect a bios flaw with my motherboard maker, but before I send out the email to them i'd like to rule out the potential of fglrx setting/locking voltages to 1.14v.

    thank you