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Dell Wants Better ATI Linux Drivers

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    Although I still don't own a Dell computer, I like Dell =).

    Let's see if ATI/AMD wants to sell their cards to Dell.


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      Like one of many I called it

      Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      Phoronix: Dell Wants Better ATI Linux Drivers

      Dell knows it won't happen overnight, but along side wanting to ship audio/video codecs, Intel Wireless 80.211N support for Linux, Broadcom Wireless for Linux, and being able to ship notebooks and desktops with Compiz Fusion enabled, Dell would like to see improved ATI Linux drivers. At Ubuntu Live 2007, Amit Bhutani had a session on Ubuntu Linux for Dell Consumer Systems, where he had shared a slide with Dell's "area of investigation", which Amit had said is essentially their Linux road-map.
      I ranted about how they would get pounded in to the ground by Intel and or NVIDIA. Perhaps Dell will save them from their own stupid self.