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PowerXpress and Crossfire questions

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  • PowerXpress and Crossfire questions

    I am using Ubuntu 11.10 with Catalyst 11.11. The hardware that I have at my disposal is A8 3850 APU with 6670 graphics.

    here is the catch. I was playing with the aticonfig tool and stumbled upon the powerxpress options that relentlessly switches back and forth to gpus available.

    I switched the gpu and after that, the config wizard asked me to restart the X. After doing so I was not able to log in to X. Each time I pass the credentials the system flickers and switch back to Ubuntu LightDm. Any idea ?

    Also does AMD supports dual graphics ( A8 +6670 = 6690D2 ) in Linux ? Before I can try chainig the hardware the powerxpress option fudged the system.

    Please do help.


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    Last I knew, switching GPUs took restarting X--which would explain the flicker & drop to login.
    Which would imply that it doesn't work, so you need to move your xorg.conf elsewhere and generate a new one.

    I could be wrong, though. I haven't played around with that sort of stuff.