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Catalyst 11.12 Driver released

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    Originally posted by przemoli View Post

    Reinstalled again. Still 11.10. Purged and reinstalled. Still 11.10!

    I'm installing fglrx 11.12 (fglrx_8.920-0ubuntu1_i386.deb) generated from installer.
    Kubuntu 11.10.

    Help! (I do not even know what to ask google )
    In fact you have 11.12 but CCC fail to update information about version in configuration file. Next time you may want to do that:
    amdconfig --del-pcs-key=LDC,ReleaseVersion
    amdconfig --del-pcs-key=LDC,Catalyst_Version

    Don't forget to report this issue to AMD:
    Users tech. support:
    Feedback form:


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      Ati Radeon HD6970m

      Hello, I would like to ask if the Graphic Card AMD ATI RADEON HD6970M is supported in this driver, as I read 6800 i suppose no...
      Actually I have debian Mint installed and with fglrx drivers I am able to use quite well the card (even termal control seems to work better now as the fan is not always at 100%)
      but without any reason sometimes computer freeze...only the R-SIST buttons I have to reboot all the times...

      Thank you in advance, since I have this card I am not able to use linux properly


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        I suggest you contact with AMD tech. support.


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          Originally posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
          I suggest you contact with AMD tech. support.
          Right after I get off the phone with military intelligence...


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            Nice joke but what exactly do you mean?


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              Originally posted by gururise View Post
              Is Gnome3 usable???
              No, it is not.


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                Originally posted by GrrlTlak View Post
                No, it is not.
                Yes I know. What does that have to do with AMD Catalyst?


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                  after a week with catalyst 11.12 (i installed it to make wine tests with arma2 ) i uninstall it.

                  my system runs like shit with the catalyst flash movies crashes a lot and flash movies lag every minute the movies stuck and the sound runs alone and the movie jumps after the stuck in the present time of the sound. also my firefox runs slow with the catalyst the hole system runs like sealed with chewing gum and the driver goes crasy several time in a day and the system do have black areas and all goes crazy and only a alt+switchablekay+f12 turn off and off 3D desktop fix this.

                  overall the catalyst is a joke!
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