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Catalyst+XvBA on a Live CD

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  • Catalyst+XvBA on a Live CD

    Hello, I've ordered a notbook with AMD E-450 APU. But I'm not really sure if I'm going to keep it. To avoid any problems in case I want to return it I do not want to alter the partitions or install Ubuntu on it at first. So does any one know if it's possible to test Linux (preferably Ubuntu) + Catalyst+XvBA on this machine without installing it. Maybe from a Live USB image or SD card.


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    Never mind, I've already decided I'm going to return the notbook. Not because of driver issues, but because of the pathetic screen (very bad viewing angles and low contrast) Anyone know a notbook with good quality screen <= 11.6 inch ?


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      Just what I want on a Live CD. A proprietary video driver that finds a new way to crash every month.

      A few of this year's greatest hits.

      For October, it crashed every few minutes for no discernible reason at all.

      For November, it's every time you use something that requires Xv.

      Back in February, viewing PNG files in certain applications did it.

      They don't care what it does unless it involves proprietary applications on RHEL or Ubuntu. Toxic waste.


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        Like I said I just wanted to use it for testing XvBA, something not available when using open drivers. But I already figured it out. So just for future reference:

        When you create a Live USB image with Startup Disk Creator there's an option to reserve space save for saving documents etc. When you boot from that live image any package you install while running the live OS will be saved and automatically available on subsequent boots. This includes the Catalyst drivers.

        Unfortunately XvBA only crashed mplayer and XBMC when I tested it. The good news is the E-450 CPU seems powerful enough to handle 720p content with the open drivers.