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AMD Catalyst 11.11 is out.

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  • AMD Catalyst 11.11 is out.

    Early this month. Downloading to try it out.

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    Built and installed ok on ubuntu 11.10. Works ok with unity and I tried a number of OpenGL apps which all worked ok. Haven't tried gnome shell with it yet. It was causing some strange glitches with gnome shell and cat 11.10. I notice this download has grown from 78mb to 97mb so I guess there must be something new in there.


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      Fedora Verne KDE Working with Catalyst 11.11

      First you must download the package available here. . You have to download the updates with the command:

      # yum upgrade

      Although one of the updates are installing a new kernel you have to reboot the computer and Entert Fedora Verne KDE with the new kernel.

      After this update you should install the kernel headers and the GCC compiler:

      # yum install gcc kernel-headers kernel-devel

      At this point you must exit the graphics mode with this command:

      # init 3

      From here, log in as root with the command cd to the directory where you downloaded the drivers and run the command:

      # bash ./

      Follow the onscreen instructions and restart the computer at the end with the command:

      # reboot

      When you restart you can finally enjoy 3D acceleration!

      Check your Graphics working with these commands :