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Current state of Catalyst drivers?

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    I really love those tests, especially of Flash, thats no gfx driver test, thats pure cpu speed as you can not enable accelleration even if you want with current Flash - only up to 10.3 this was possible, never ones only for vdpau (using override).
    In theory, the 11.x prerelease builds supported uvd 2 via vaapi decoding. I did not have the chance to test it then on a newer amd card, but the final 11 builds dont seem to use uvd2 at all (tested with a 6670).
    Also, vdpau was used both for decoding and display. Now vdpau is used only for decoding (with override) and not display.
    But using override (bot in the prerelease builds and the final 11) cause plugin crashes on certain pages so its not a stable solution even for nvidia.


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      I've gotta come out and say how impressed (and surprised) I am with the new Catalyst 11.11 drivers. All of a sudden, Eyefinity is cake to set up and works excellent. I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10, ran software updater, and then installed the Catalyst drivers using the Catalyst Install Manager (didn't need to build the packages). Boom, things work fine, even with Unity 3d!

      Some slight issues still there:
      -The Catalyst Control Center still crashes on me when making changes to the monitor configuration, but if I run it from the terminal (sudo amdcccle), it works fine.
      -Manipulating the ordering of the monitors in CCC can still easily result in your monitors being offset by a few vertical pixels (you'll see it in xorg.conf), but you can just keep adjusting them in the CCC until they all are begin at 0
      -Still need to uncheck sync to vblank in the compizconfig-settings-manager, or dragging windows and other effects are dog slow in Unity3d
      -Still no Bezel Compensation support. I wonder if this could be emulated by making a larger than typical virtual resolution (matching the total resolution in Windows after bezel compensation), and then leave gaps between the starting positions of each monitor in horizontal pixels

      Still, Unigine Heaven looks tight in Eyefinity here in Linux. Oddly, on my HD 6950 2GB, enabling the Ambient Occlusion option in the benchmark annihilates my FPS, even more so than tessellation. Gonna try some other games, and such, and maybe some Wine gaming.


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        I have the sames issues as descripted above. I rewrote some parts of comment to
        fill in with my experience.

        General Performance is very poor in 2D with enabling conposition manager. When
        it comes to window scrolling, moving or resizing. Maximizing/minimizing window
        or switching between tabs is performed with noticeable delay. There is also a
        lot of tearing and flickering in Flash web animations. Generally every UI
        operation seems to be much slower than on XAA.
        Disabling composition manager (Compiz) improves performance for windows
        scrolling, moving or resizing or maximizing/minimizing) but in general (videos,
        flash) it's still poor.

        Graphic card: ATI Radeon HD 3650 AGP (from Sapphire)
        Processor: AMD Athlon 3000+ (socket A)
        RAM : 2Go
        Main board: MSI DELTA FISR KT880 (VIA KT880)
        System: Ubuntu Linux 10.10 / 11.04 / 11.10
        Kernel: 3.1.1
        Xorg server: 1.10 Mesa 7.10
        Graphical environment: Xfce 4.8
        Catalyst tested&affected ver: 11.5, 11.6, 11.7, 11.8, 11.9, 11.10, 11.11