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Xrandr and ATI Radeon? HD 5870 Eyefinity 6

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  • Xrandr and ATI Radeon? HD 5870 Eyefinity 6

    So I have 6 displays I'm wrangling with, currently drudging around with 3 GPUs to support them all, so xrandr has been out of my reach for awhile, so I've been dealing with Xinerama bogging down my entire system. I came across the 5870 with 6 display ports available and was curious if the radeon driver's xrandr implementation would pick up on this many ports or just blow up in my face. I don't expect anybody to actually have this card with xrandr running, but just wondering from a design standpoint if this could work in theory before I drop the money and get this card. Any alternate suggestions would be welcome as well. Thanks.

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    I haven't actually seen 6 displays on a single card with the open driver but AFAIK it should work. Best to wait for someone who has actually seen 3 or 4 displays running with the open drivers though...

    Just keep in mind that for 4 of the 6 displays you are going to need either a DP input or an active DP-to-whatever converter for each display.


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      4 Monitors on a FirePro 2460

      I'm running 4 Dell 2007FP (1600x1200) running on a ATI/AMD FirePro 2460 with 4 mini-displayport to DVI adaptors.

      I'm pretty sure the FirePro 2460 is just a 5450(RV810)

      This is all running with the open drivers on Ubuntu 11.04 with xorg-egders ppa, and 3.0.4 kernel, and is running very well with compositing enabled.


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        3 monitors also works fine for me under catalyst and fglrx. ubuntu/natty amd64, kernel 2.6.39.


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          Besides the 5870 Eyefinity6 there exist also the 6870 Eyefinity6 from PowerColor and Club3D which costs for around 220 EUR.

          Higher performance you might get from the ASUS EAH6950 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5 but that card can drive the two DVI-connected monitors only at a maximum resolution of 1920x1200. The Eyefinity6 cards support six 2560x1600 monitors.