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FGLRX Flickers/Corruption in XBMC and Teeworlds?

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  • FGLRX Flickers/Corruption in XBMC and Teeworlds?

    I'm running Linux Mint 11 64 bit (Ubuntu 11.04 Based) after installing the Proprietary FGLRX driver via the Additional Drivers app for my ATI Radeon 3000 integrated graphics I get random screen flashes or corruption flickers for a second or so when using Teeworlds (Online Game) or XBMC (Media Centre) I'm pretty positive that it's something that the proprietary driver is causing as I didn't have this problem when using the open source driver...

    any ideas why?

    I've also posted a video of the problem on Youtube to better explain what's going on:

    I've posted in both the XBMC and Teeworlds and Linux Mint forums just in case anyone else has had a similar problem and so far nothing

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    after all that I think I may have fixed it by removing the Ubuntu FGLRX version and replacing it manually with the latest ATI Catalyst driver by following:

    however I do get a little bit of tearing in teeworlds