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catalyst 11.6 compositing + longer time in standby = screen stays black (system aliv)

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  • catalyst 11.6 compositing + longer time in standby = screen stays black (system aliv)

    Hi guys,

    since the xf86-video-ati driver is causing random hardlocks I'm temporarily migrating to catalyst 11.6

    but I encounter an issue:

    if I leave the box for a longer time and the screen goes into standby / powersaving mode

    it doesn't seem able to wake up again (the screen - neither mouse button-pressing, attempting to switch to VT, magic sysrq key, keyboard entering & pressing of buttons)

    some facts:

    - kernel 2.6.39 (zen)
    - ~amd64
    - aticonfig --initial --nobackup
    - xscreensaver 5.14 (also happens on 5.12)
    - card: 5850
    - compiz-fusion 0.8.4/0.8.6
    - gnome 2.32
    - no vesa support compiled in (is supposed to help with suspend issues)

    the previously working xorg.conf which didn't led to that behavior also showed that behavior so I started with the new initial config but that doesn't make a change

    hope if anyone is/was encountering the same he/she knows how to "fix" it

    thanks !

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    strangely something similar just happened with Ubuntu 11.04 in Ubuntu Classic with compiz (gnome 2.32)

    coming back from suspend (s2ram), letting it activate the screensaver

    and then trying to use it again

    -> screen stays black (monitor in standby mode), not reacting to keyboard or mouse input at all

    --> only difference:

    - catalyst driver / fglrx: magic sysrq works (some lockup in screen)

    - xf86-video-ati: magic sysrq does NOT work (== hardlock)

    this is getting frustrating now I can't use the screensaver at all :\


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      i'm so happy about using the radeon driver on my main system ;-)

      playing HON works well ;-)

      so i'm *happy*
      Phantom circuit Sequence Reducer Dyslexia


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        works fine here:
        linux mint 11
        radeon 5770

        but theres a problem with suspend as far as i remember.
        and it was issue since 11.5. when pc went suspend then it didnt wake up anymore...
        i just disabled suspend via gconf-editor

        and idle still works, it wakes up nicely after computer gone idle


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          still happening:

          linux 3.0.0 kernel, ~amd64, catalyst 11.7

          the screen stays longer periods of time in standby

          - xscreensaver
          - gnome-screensaver

          ---> screen doesn't wake up anymore when pressing any key & mouse movement

          even magic sysrq + r or VT-switching doesn't help

          I can reboot the box via magic sysrq + reisub combo - but until next reboot it's not usable [no screen output :\ ]

          W T F ?!

          - xf86-video-ati keeps on hardlocking with compositing on
          - fglrx forces me to keep the screen on

          the thing is that I need this box for production work & since it's not stable or doesn't allow me to continue work without interruption it's pissing me off several times a day

          any suggestion for help please ?
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            Did you ever manage to fix this?

            I've had this problem for many Catalyst versions. KDE up to 4.6 used to allow me to turn off monitor power savings, but since then, it still occurs.

            Currently running Catalyst 12.1 and xorg-server 1.11.3-1 on Linux 3.2.2-1

            System becomes unresponsive, though can ssh in and see X hogging 100% of one core (i7). Attempts to kill it fail, leaving no option but to telinit 6 or use Magic SysRq. Nothing telltale appears in any of the logs either


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              maybe use only 1.10.4 xserver (to use xv) and for hd series 5 i would use driver 11-11 untel amd fixes the things they broke with newer versions.


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                Only changed to 1.11 X yesterday, same time as I upgraded to latest Catalyst 12.1

                I've had this problem for as long as I can remember, but used to be able to work around it by telling KDE not to use power saving on my monitor.

                I do have a hd series 5 card, 5850...what things have AMD broken on versions later than 11.11?

                Thanks muchly


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                  gl2benchmark test 1 is broken, xbmc + xvba does not work correctly anymore.