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  • Sapphire Radeon HD 6950

    Phoronix: Sapphire Radeon HD 6950

    Have you been wondering how the AMD Radeon HD 6900 "Cayman" graphics cards are running under Linux? After all, Cayman is quite different from the rest of the Radeon HD 6000 "Northern Island" GPUs and its open-source Linux support came much later. There is no reason to wonder any longer as Sapphire has sent over their Radeon HD 6950 DIRT 3 Special Edition graphics card, which we have now put through our arsenal of tests under Ubuntu Linux.

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    usual fedora fix.

    should work out of the box in F15 updates.


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      Originally posted by airlied View Post
      should work out of the box in F15 updates.

      unless I forgot to push the DDX or something, if it doesn't work there is a DDX in koji, will check later.


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        I'm holding out on the 6000 series because I already have a HD5970. I'll keep it at least until the next die shrink, if not flat-out wait for the next GL / D3D generation to come out.

        That said, it would appear that my card may not be the fastest on the planet any longer.
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          On an unrelated note

          It looks like AMD is working on a massive overhaul of the radeon architecture. Getting rid of the VLIW design and adding a lot of the computing stuff Fermi introduced.

          I wonder if this is the 8xxx series that Bridgman was saying the OSS team got to sit in with from the beginning. The new design should be a lot easier for the drivers to optimize for.


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            Interesting review, is it possible that future reviews include benchmarks at Eyefinity resolutions?

            Originally posted by allquixotic View Post
            I'm holding out on the 6000 series because I already have a HD5970. I'll keep it at least until the next die shrink
            You could sell the 5970 now, they are fetching record prices because of the bitcoin miners. You can then buy a 6950 and still have enough money left to buy a high end card when the next generation comes out.
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              tough relationship with nVidia?
              Have you done something specific they didn't like, or you mean, they just ignore Phoronix and they don't cooperate?
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                If you read Phoronix product launch coverage, you will notice that the whi^H^H^Hcomplaining about lack of review hardware is a recurring theme.

                Phoronix is currently not among the Tier 1/2/3 websites that get review hardware at launch.


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                  A card like this could be useful for 3D modeling with Blender using three monitors, when working on very complex scenes or with the game engine. I don't think the average amateur/low budget 3D artist really needs FireGL cards.


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                    maybe the phoronix users should spend money for an nvidia card for better comparisons and benchmarks and better articles.

                    also amd fan boys like me should have interest in that.

                    maybe not a highend card but a GeForce GTX 560 Ti ?

                    190? should not be a bad investment for better articles.
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