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AMD Llano Graphics / Radeon HD 6620G On Linux

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    Originally posted by alien View Post
    Damn, this is really nice performance. The E350 I bought a month ago, and released just 5 months ago, seems obsoleted by this by a large factor (2x-4x) and that almost gets me mad

    When can we expect to have these available on the market?
    You can't say it's obsolete, the E350 consumes half the power, so the performance per watt is similar.


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      The reviewer seems to be rather confused. The Llano isn't a replacement for the Brazos E-350, it's the big brother.

      The E-350 is designed for Nettops/Netbooks and consumes <20W, the Llano is for low power laptops and HTPCs and consumes ~65W. It uses over double and a quarter the power of the E-350 and is clearly not a replacement.

      This review would have been useful if it compared something remotely like for like.