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a few question about my radeon x1650

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  • a few question about my radeon x1650

    Hi, i have ATI Radeon x1650 with Fedora 14 Remix called Fusion's basically Fedora 14.

    this is output of lspci which is related to the card...

    01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV535 [Radeon X1650 Series] (rev 9e)
    01:00.1 Display controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV535 [Radeon X1650 Series] (rev 9e)
    I've read that my card is no longer supported by ATI/AMD when it comes to newer distributions, so i'm guessing that i use free drivers, which one i'm not entirely sure, how can i check which graphics drivers i have?

    I tried installing catalyst drivers, 11.4 i believe, from the repositories of Fedora but when i tried to run aticonfig in terminal i received a message that no card was found....

    I was just wondering what is the best option for me when it comes to drivers, right now everything works fine, compiz and everything, but if i try to this game

    i get this

    No matter what kind of video settings i have, it's always the same.

    I would just like to know what are my best options when it comes to drivers, i can't believe that my card is already outdated.... can anyone please suggest me something, i searched the forms but most of the threads are old, i just thought something new happened in the meantime....

    Thanks everyone in advance.

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    Some games need the s3tc library libtxc_dxtn installed, which Fedora does not include by default for patent reasons.

    If installing that library does not make a difference, try upgrading to Fedora 15 with r300g.


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      yeees, that did it....the game renders fine now....
      What did you say about Fedora 15, does it come with better drivers for my card?


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        yes, newer distro = more performance, more features, more stability (exceptions prove the rule )


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          ok, thank you for the help.....