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Problems with ATI

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  • Problems with ATI


    My Setup:
    Radeon HD 4870
    Kubuntu 10.10
    Catalyst 11.3
    2 VGA monitors connected with DVI 2 VGA converter

    1)Video is not tearing free (even with Tear Free Desktop enabled) - stutters and is not smooth
    2) simple thing - for example, lets go to and play classic, then just leave page - bingo! 2nd monitor turns blank - settings suddenly changed? (this problem is from catalyst 10.9 (around 10.9 i got this graphics card)

    Maybe i am missing some settings etc? Have tried xinerama ON and OFF, with xinerama on i have mouse cursor problems, it gets distorted on some pages (extjs window resize cursor for example is square like with random dots), xinerama off is bet i have found at the moment, but, also cursor sometimes turns in to long line << here is screenshot with my mouse cursor, this happens now and then...!

    Any ideas?

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    Ohh, and one more thing with catalyst - i am using x11vnc to connect remote desktop - allways leads to crash, even complete crash where nothing can be done to normaly restart PC!


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      About xinerama, see this thread.


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        Originally posted by PsynoKhi0 View Post
        About xinerama, see this thread.
        Seen that, no solution there...


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          What player do you use for videos and what kind of videos are you talking about?

          I use SMPlayer with
          gl (fast -ATI cards)
          as the output driver under Preferences - Video.
          Working fine for me, no Tear-free desktop needed.


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            HD video - try some mkv file on one monitor, and switch windows (minizime, maximize) on second...

            What about 2nd problem? Some games turn off 2nd monitor...

            On Natty - still the same...