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Best kernel for fglrx?

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  • Best kernel for fglrx?

    Athlon X4 Rana. Catalyst 11.3 now. Ubuntu 10.10, 2.6.35-28, possible to upgrade.
    Cards 2600XT, HD 4200int.
    2.6.35, 2.6.38, other?
    Why? Any bugs in wine games and not optimal kde effects performance and work. Perhaps, will be more best.
    BTW, advice me and for open driver too, here.

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    If you use my script it is tested up to 2.6.39rc1.

    Natty is not supported because there is no dl for the full installer. Usage:

    sudo sh -z

    then reboot.


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      Too much code, for me. Shortly: what it did?


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        I do not want to reinstall OS after fail setup


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          That's not my problem. Unpatched you can use up to 2.6.37 with fglrx 11-3.


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            The script detects card, kernel and xorg versions, then seems to patch various code mostly fglrx kernel module, write xorg.conf and place the driver in modules, so its autoloaded.
            Something that normally deb, ubuntu cfg assistants or envy-ng etc do. Its huge cause most of the code are patches all-in-one. Still better than dynloading needed patch from the network(hijack possibility).


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              Personally, the best kernels I had (for using) with fglrx were:

              1) 2.6.35 with CK + BFQ patches (you don't need to do anything to make it work with newer fglrx versions).

              2) 2.6.38 with transparent hugepage, CFQ cgrouping and CK + BFS v272 (altough 2.6.38 needs some patching with fglrx unless you're going to use Catalyst 11.4 beta). I noticed not just a small FPS improvement in some games, but also an overall improvement in boot / compiling performance (in my case, up to 10% compared to 2.6.37).

              Of course, as I've been saying in this post, I recommend you to use these kernels with (the) CK patchset...

              My 2c, cheers!

              p.s.: CK = Con Kolivas patchset