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AMD Catalyst 11.3 Drops Support For Old X.Org

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    Originally posted by Nevertime View Post
    It could be that when they list the supported distros they just list them in an order other than popularity? Such as alphabetically maybe. It probably never occurred to them that fanboys would object if their distros not no.1. It seems very trivial.
    It's not about fanboys, though it's typical someone misjudging my point, it's about market share which is more important to users than what relationships company devs have among each other, trust me. It's like (but not exactly like) only mentioning your software supports Vista failing to mention it also supports win7 & XP both of which have a greater and more important market share. Nothing to do with habits, faboyism or company devs relationships.


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      Originally posted by kamelot View Post
      Any of you guys noticed .
      Ever since 11.2 the driver picks the wrong xorg on debian .
      it should say xorg 7.5 but when i try to install it it says 6.9 .
      I just running stock debian squeeze nothing changed but since the 115 updates last week this is a problem .
      Btw this is what i mean
      left side the 11.1 and right side 11.3