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XvBA tools frustrations

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    Originally posted by twriter View Post
    I was referring to doc/html/index.html in the XvBA Tools tree whereas I think you're referring to the README in the XvBA SDK.

    There's no README in XvBA Tools and I agree there should be one. Sorry, that was a last minute oversight. I will add a README with a pointer to the Doxygen generated documentation.

    I agree the help could be more useful.

    I empathize because I ran into this too. Fortunately for me, I was able to find fixed packages for my preferred development platform and I documented installation of those packages.

    I'm not the maintainer of the Framewave source or the packages for any platform. As I said, it's just a coincidence that Framewave was contributed by AMD. AMD is a large company; I don't know any of the original developers or any of the current maintainers.

    Like I said, I didn't look into it in detail. I agree that the Framewave dependency is less than ideal and I'll look into removing it.


    Thank you for your detailed reply.
    I look forward to the next XvBA tools release.
    Oh and supporting MKV and mp4 (in xvbaplay) would be very handy since most of the H.264 files are provided in a container format and extracting them really isn't fun...



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      I had some frustration too and didn't find any readme but then I saw Doxyfile. Ran "doxygen Doxyfile" and the generated documentation was very good! Followed the instructions, and it works! Although there are 2 problems:

      1. Plays at 3-4 times the normal speed. One of the todo's listed in xvbaplay.c is to have it play at the proper framerate, so that's explained.

      2. ATI catalyst tear free option affects video playback(for this and lots of other video playback as well) in catalyst 11.4 in Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit (which I'm currently using). Without tear free, works quite well.