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assertion fail in fglrx 11.01

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  • assertion fail in fglrx 11.01

    On the latest driver on ubuntu maverick 32bit (on 64bit cpu, i use very memory heavy stuff, so I save some mem by going 32bit).

    Assertion failed in ../../../../../../../../drivers/2d/lnx/fgl/drm/kernel/hal_evergreen.c at line: 64

    I got a complete X hang while clicking a folder on the toolbar in google chrome. Tabbing out to console and killall -9 chrome left me with a usable system. Until i started chrome and clicked a folder on the toolbar again. Found that assertion in dmesg.

    This is on an alienware m15x with a radeon 5850.

    dmesg.log :
    xorg.log :

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    I have been using the driver for some time and never seen it before. I fairly recently added hpet=disable to my boot to try to debug a slowdown after suspend to ram (which happens every week or so, and therefor isn't too easy to debug). Mentioning in case it's related.


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      Turned off hpet=disable, and thats not it.

      Think it's related to the google chrome 10.x unstable builds.