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Strange behaviour catalyst 10.10 with dual screen.

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  • Strange behaviour catalyst 10.10 with dual screen.


    A really weird thing happens when my monitors go to sleep and turn back on: instead of my normal dual display desktop, my second monitor gets the same signal as my first monitor: I've got a badly scaled version of my 1680*1050 screen on my other screen (1280*1024). When I go into catalyst control center it numbers both my displays as '1'. When I change the position of my second screen in CCC slightly so I can press 'apply', the 'feature' goes away and I have my normal dual display desktop again (and the screens are numbered '1' and '2' again)

    When I take a screenshot when the 'feature' happens, I get a full dual display picture, so it really seems that X is still working in a dual display setup, it's just that both heads of my graphic card are outputting the same signal.

    It does not always happen, only when my monitors were asleep for a longer time (more than 5 minutes).

    Some background info: I'm running ubuntu 10.10 with catalyst 10.10. Graphic card is a HD4670.

    Anyone that saw this 'feature' before and knows how to make it go away?