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help with 5770/triple head setup

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  • help with 5770/triple head setup

    Hello all, new to phoronix, and somewhat new to ati cards. So I have 2 acer 22 inch lcd's, and an hp 2709M. I have procured a displayport->hdmi adapter listed on amd's site as compliant, (the accell active converter) and I am still having some trouble getting the three head setup working. I have managed to get the 10.9 driver installed, I am using fglrx as the driver in my xorg.conf, and it seems to be working as designed. However, I cannot connect my third monitor. Whenever I connect the third monitor, it shows up in the amdcccle utility as disabled. when I try to enable it, I am prompted to restart. when I restart, x refuses to start until one monitor is unplugged. I can post my xorg.conf and logs, but I think I must be missing something big and simple, so I will wait for some pointers...

    important bits:
    $ modprobe -l | grep fglrx

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    Same happened to me when using xinerama. Fixed by running atictrl --inital (no dual here, reboot) and then enable the other two displays via RandR (like gnome display-properties). After that I could safely run amdccc and modify the settings/write to Xorg.

    Note: I'm using the 10.10 drivers from ubuntu merkat repos

    The display adapter should not be a driver issue


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      no dice..

      So, I rm'd my xorg.conf, unplugged the 2 22 inch monitors, and did the aticonfig --init. checked out the new config, it looked good, rebooted, plugged in the 2 22's. when I run xrandr -q only one of the 22s shows up. I am starting to think that the "active" displayport adapter is not active, even though it was recommended on amd's page. (the first one I bought was definitely -not- active, even though amazon proclaimed misleadingly that it was an adapter/converter. don't buy a startech. I now have the Accell B086B-001B, which according to amd's website is supposed to work, but it behaves exactly like the startech.


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        in spite of the fact that it is listed on amd's website, and in spite of the fact that it claims to be an active adapter, it is not. this is what my problem is. I have sent all concerned adapters back from whence they came with some nasty commentary attached, and returned my card. I ordered a sapphire flex and expect this to take care of my problems.

        Thanks for the help..