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Switching to ogl fullscreen mode in Eyefinity

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    ogl and compositing are two different things. Although compiz et al use ogl for displaying the composited result, there's a lot more to compositing than that.

    IIRC it should be possible to combine both, but there are some X bugs leading to trouble. Those could be fixed with time and efford, but nobody has done so yet.


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      Originally posted by IM back! View Post
      cant be a hardware limit on windows the same thing works fine. a big evergreen is eyefinity wich supports huge resolutions.
      Can still be a hardware limit with a workaround. I do have heard has (had?) problems with textures wider than hardware supports (before? seems to be badly documented) shatter is implemented. The point mostly was that with old-style if you have three displays in a row, it's too wide to fit the limit and the point was to split it into smaller shards all of which can individually fit into space available in the card. As said, I don't know if this is done and I also don't know if fglrx has workarounds, neither do I know if it's guaranteed to break OpenGL there. I consider it possible though.


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        Ouch, that sentence structure looks awful and can't edit. Anyway, I don't know if shatter exists yet and if it does, it probably doesn't exist in old enough X to support fglrx. Whether or not fglrx requires it to work properly, I don't also know.


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          how dose xcinerama help? In xcierama triple head mode ogl still has to create a 5040x1050 surface. or not? just like in xrandr?


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            Super annoying edit policy:

            And kwin composing also creates a 5040*1050 ogl surface, witch works fine.