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Open source "Radeon" driver: vsync, vblank_mode, tearing and (open)GL

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  • Open source "Radeon" driver: vsync, vblank_mode, tearing and (open)GL

    I know there is an issue w/ Ati cards, the closed 'fglrx' drivers as well as the open Xorg 'Radeon' driver considering GL.

    If you want to use GL (video) output (example: mplayer -vo gl) then video stuttters, tears etc. See this bug report on You always get an error about "vblank_mode" (a dri setting GL uses), vsync etc. Why is vertical synchronisation (if that really is what it is called) so important for GL and why is it broken in Linux's open and proprietary drivers since 2001?

    There are many topics and wiki's everywhere on the 'net about this but no solution nor a workaround. Problem also is that recently the drivers changed and sometimes I don't know if they are talking qbout the open or the closed drivers...

    The only solution some give is: "buy an Nvidia card". That's gonna be pretty impossible for a laptop and it isn't a solution, more of a weird workaround advice.

    What exactly is the problem and is there any chance of it ever being addressed/solved?

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    I'm awfully sorry I posted this topic twice. I didn't know messages of new members had to be moderated frist.. The topic in which people rely is: