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Turn off screen detection?

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  • Turn off screen detection?

    Anyone know of a way to turn off screen detection?

    Here's the situation: I have four screens in a very nice single-desktop-style that I like to turn off when I go away, but I leave the workstation running, since it generally has a number of outbound connections and various things running all the time. So I've got a power strip that with one button, I can turn my screens off.

    However, with my new Radeon, X tries to be all smart and says "Oh, you've turned a monitor off, I'll just shut that part down and move all the windows that were there to one of the remaining ones". When I do this with all four at once, X becomes... confused. When turned back on, I ended up with two of the monitors as clones of each other and the other two simply snow crashed.

    Is there any way to stop X from doing that? I suspect it may be more of an RandR issue, since I don't think my old nvidia card drivers fully implemented RandR, but this radeon seems to. Searching the web, I only seem to run across endless numbers of people with laptops waxing poetic about how great the screen detection is.

    I've been using DPMS for the past week or so, but it's flaky. It turns the monitors back on randomly for no apparently reason.

    Lastly, is there any reference for xorg.conf device variables? I haven't been able to find an actual reference, just random bits of people saying to put this or that option in. The website doesn't seem to have one.

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    Run aticonfig --help and see if there is anything useful there. I don't remember seeing anything but worth a shot...