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  • XV output problem

    Hello everyone!

    I've recently removed my Mandriva 2010.0 and installed Mandriva 2010.1. After I've installed ATI driver (10.6) from ATI's web site I've noticed that video is not played anymore. It seems that applications for some reason can't properly use Xv output - instead of video I have empty area, though which I can see my desktop. As a matter of fact, mplayer itself can play over Xv, the real problem is that any application that tries to play video inside its own window fails to do so. For instance, I have no more video in Skype and SMplayer. Output to X11 works fine. The same configuration was working perfectly well on previous version of Mandriva - 2010.0.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how it may be fixed?

    My current configuration:
    Mandriva 2010.1 Free x86_64 & ATI driver 10.6 running on DELL Studio XPS 16 with ATI HD4670

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    Did you change any of the xorg.conf settings ? Maybe you have Option VideoOverlay enabled or something ? Just a guess...


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      Not really. I've tried to change them once I had realized that there was a problem, for instance I was playing around with this VideoOverlay option, but it didn't solve the problem. If you are interested in my xorg.conf, here is the link to it:


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        I've found the cause of the problem - Cairo-dock.
        I have Cairo-dock version 2.1.3 installed from repositories, and it causes some this problem with XV output.

        The "solution" is to set XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS variable to 1 for every program that needs XV, like:

        XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 skype
        Not very elegant, but it works.