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  • Command line setting for use graphics..

    Is there a command line setting for use graphics processor for scaling. I have a multiseat setup where one of the seats is DTV. Anyways, my screen looks like it took a hit of acid. It seeming goes back to normal if I change in catalyst control center from "use display for scaling" to "use graphics processor for scaling". Anyways the problem is it won't stick, every time I reboot it goes back to default. I have the same issue with the overscan, but at least with that I can run a script to fix it. Any sugestions.

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    aticonfig --help
    look at the options about the "Persistent Configuration Store". As far as I know, everything in amdcccle can be set using aticonfig as well.


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      Well, I would have ago at the "Persistent Configuration Store". But there absolutely no examples on how you would use this. How am I suppose to know what key I am supposed to use. I can't find a list of keys. Common amd it would be nice if there was some example in this area. I mean don't you want your people to use multiple ati cards.