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10.6 crash on notebook HD4200 with compositing

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  • 10.6 crash on notebook HD4200 with compositing


    I have a problem with 10.6 (and previously 10.5) crashing, and I've been stuck with 10.4. I heard about the new 2D accel and stuff and was hoping to get the newest drivers working.

    I have a HP notebook with an integrated Radeon HD4200. Catalyst 10.4 successfully ran for me with kernels 2.6.32-bpo.5-amd4 and 2.6.30-bpo.2-amd4 on Debian Lenny with the default X.Org 1.7. I use GNOME/Metacity with compositing enabled and Cairo-Dock with no issues (aside from the occasional artifact).

    When I installed 10.6, I can log in via GDM. After that, the GNOME panel loads, and it appears that Metacity starts, XOrg crashes. If I put "Composite" "Disable" in xorg.conf, it will start (albeit Cairo-Dock crashes and refuses to run unless I use -c and then its just ugly). I have even played using OpenGLOverlay and VideoOverlay with the same result.

    I have uninstalled 10.4 before installing 10.6 by running /usr/share/ and deleting any files in /usr/lib with fglrx (if any) and deleting /etc/ati. I don't believe I have any files left over from an older version.

    Any other suggestions?


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    You install fglrx the wrong way. Try shutting down X and rmmod fglrx, then run my script. Like:

    cd /tmp
    wget -N
    sh -z


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      Kano, This is what I get when running your script:

      dpkg-shlibdeps: failure: couldn't find library needed by debian/xorg-driver-fglrx/usr/sbin/atieventsd (its RPATH is '').
      Note: libraries are not searched in other binary packages that do not have any shlibs or symbols file.
      To help dpkg-shlibdeps find private libraries, you might need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
      dh_shlibdeps: command returned error code 512
      make: *** [binary-predeb-IMPL/xorg-driver-fglrx] Error 1
      dpkg-buildpackage: failure: debian/rules binary gave error exit status 2 line 1645: break: only meaningful in a `for', `while', or `until' loop[/QUOTE]

      Any prerequistites to running your script other than build-essential?


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        All needed depends are installed. Is your system non standard? In case it is not Kanotix maybe reinstall, dist-upgrade and try again. It does not work when another app is blocking dpkg.


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          I have an integrated HD4200 in my mobo and I could not get 10.6 to work either. I generated the debian packages (Ubuntu 10.04, x64), killed the gdm, installed the packages and restarted x (gdm start) and then I get a segmentation fault in my Xorg log file at startup. Anybody else run into a similar issue?