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No support 3D acceleration for ATI Legacy Cards in Ubuntu 10.04, options?

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    You really start to hate kms when you want to be able to unload the drivers. Would be nice if somebody could explain me how to switch to a default text console and unload the driver in a script which is not executed via ssh. That's a basic requirement to install binary drivers later. There is basically a hack that can be used to unload, but that kills the vt. For reference you can try this:
    for x in $(ls /sys/class/vtconsole/*/bind 2>/dev/null); do echo 0 > $x; done
    rmmod radeon ttm drm_kms_helper drm
    Of course X needs to be stopped while you do that.


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      @RealNC: Only vesa resolutions supported, no widescreen there

      @Kano: That is possible? Thanks, didn't know of that.


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        Originally posted by curaga View Post
        @RealNC: Only vesa resolutions supported, no widescreen there
        There are extended VESA resolutions for widescreen monitors (I say 'extended' for lack of a better term). My Nvidia laptop has a 1680x1050 monitor and it was possible to boot at that resolution using the Nvidia blob (the KMS driver would do that out of the box).

        Very slow, unfortunately, Ati seems to provide a faster framebuffer for some reason.