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Ati radeon x1200 rotation problem with CentOS

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    Tried rotation on Catalyst 10.7 with a HD5770.

    Rotation in CCC is still missing in RHEL 5.5

    # xrandr -o left
    Result in Big Desktop mode: Screens goes to standby. PC hang.

    Result in single display mode: Rotates screen but not menues and leaves a black border to the right.

    @bridgman can you please give this info to the devs and check if this is a known problem on RHEL 5.5 ?


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      So I just tested this when I got home.
      Taking a screenshot after I ran xrandr -o left in single desktop mode reveals that everything is rotated in the screenshot exactly as it should except that it is not what it looks like to the eye.

      The result looks like running a virtual desktop. Black border to the right and at the bottom. So it is almost working. Can someone explain why the screenshot is rotated but the picture im looking at is not ? This should be fixable...

      Trying to rotate in Big Desktop mode results in kernel panic or screens go to standby.