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Laptop Aspect-Ratio Scaling, and BIOS Flashing

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  • Laptop Aspect-Ratio Scaling, and BIOS Flashing

    Part the First
    I recall in 2007/2008, on my old Laptop (which used an X1300), there was a setting in amdcccle which allowed the user to control how lower-resolutions were displayed on-screen; either to have it stretched over the screen entirely, stretched taking into account aspect-ratio, or centred with 1:1 pixel ratio.
    Since 2009, with my new Laptop (which uses an HD4650), this option is not presented in amdcccle for the LCD screen. Is there a reason it is not shown? Other Linux-using friends have similar HD4xx0 cards in their laptops, and are given this option.

    Part the Second
    As I have detailed on other sites, my new Laptop has problems to do with PowerPlay; namely that whenever it is enabled, after roughly a day of use, the system goes into a hard lock-up, displaying a somewhat interesting array of coloured vertical stripes (usually with an equally interesting small square hash area which appears to have been the mouse). It normally occurs just after the system has been left idle (but still running, with the screen blank, and the lid closed), moment after being used again.
    Research from forums suggests that PowerPlay causes the card's clock frequency to be changed back and forth, causing a driver crash. Disabling PowerPlay seems to prevent the crashes. However, I liked it when the system was conscientious about power-usage (and heat-generation).
    The question is aimed at anyone who might be familiar with the process of ATI BIOS flashing, and the consequences. Would I be able to circumvent this issue with a modified BIOS (i.e. be able to have the system use less power, but not encounter the lock-ups), and if so what modifications should I make? I'm aware of the software one uses to dump/modify/flash a GPU BIOS, and have a Windows install on the same laptop.

    I'd appreciate any input anyone can make; and if anyone needs more information, I'm more than willing to give it.

    And if no-one knows, fair enough. The system does work 'fine' with PowerPlay off. Warm, but fine.


    ~ Adam

    (The Other Site I was referring to. Yes, it's the AMD/ATI official Game forums. I went into a bit more detail.

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    Well; on a whim I decided to try to make a backup of my GPU's BIOS. All attempts failed.
    I can only assume this is because either the GPU's BIOS is treated as a part of the main system BIOS; or because the appropriate access pins on the GPU are cut/removed/never there in the first place.

    So my second question cannot be resolved with a modified BIOS. Is there another way I could go about *fixing* the strange behaviour?

    My first question also remains open, to anyone who may have a solution.

    ~ Adam
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      I've been looking at how some people are able to fix their graphics (and general notebook) related problems by using the Oven Re-Flow process.

      I ask this to anyone who may be more knowledgeable - would it be unwise to attempt it in my case? If it has a chance for sucess, I'll try it once I move into my house at Uni in a month or so. It'd be a pain to explain to the parents why my laptop was in the oven...