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  • Flash video jumpy

    Just switched over from the open source driver to the prerelease fglrx in debian sid. Kernel module loaded fine and xorg comes up just fine. Most things appear to be working normally (as with the open source) but noticing that flash videos on particular have a lot of vertical refresh as well as occassional hangs. I've tried with hardware acceleration in flash on and off and same result.

    Any thoughts on settings to get it working or is this a known proprietary driver issue? My system is a dell studio 15 with hd4570 card.


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    xv and opengl

    With the fglrx driver do you still need to define the overlays in xorg.conf? (xv and opengl) Could that cause this jumpy video issue?


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      No, compared to previous chips, there is no dedicated hardware in it.


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        hmmmm, just don't understand why the fglrx driver has the jumpy issue and open source doesn't.


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          Well i want a GOOD explaination for this issue too... It is unlogical that professional users never need xv.


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            When I'm using the open source driver the xorg log shows that xv overlays are enabled. just a notification or is it actually working? With the open source driver flash videos(youtube, etc) all work just fine.

            With proprietary only regular vids work ok, flash is horrible.


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              anyone else experience this as well?


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                Originally posted by esheesle View Post
                anyone else experience this as well?
                the only partial solution i found was to upgrade flash to 10.1 rc wich is supposed to be gpgpu accelerated. well in best case vertical wierness improve a bit but get prepared to reopen that browser a looooot, cuz this flash with fglrx hang up the player, the browser process in case of chrome, then the browser, and then sometimes few secs later kwin too lol. at least in my pc ofc.

                just try that maybe you are lucky, and the video quality get good enough


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                  You should try a firefox lorentz build.



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                    So why the heck doesn't flash have this problem with the open source driver?