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Missing Overscan option fglrx 10.3

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  • Missing Overscan option fglrx 10.3

    Oh my...
    I made the mistake of trying to update my KDE packages on my HTPC. I swear if I even look at it wrong, then something breaks. Kubuntu 9.10. So I updated to some newer KDE packages, which caused it to freeze at the KDE boot screen. After fighting with apt-get to update for several days, I got that straightened out, but of course that lead to problems with fglrx. This turned out to be a nightmare, and I've spent my Saturday night fighting it. Finally get KDE working, but now I have no mouse pointer; the mouse works, I just can't tell where it is on screen. Yay!! More fglrx problems, which took me an hour to determine. I downloaded 10.3 and got it installed, so I have a working mouse pointer again. However, I have under-scan problems.
    Amdcccle used to have a nice tool to correct overscan, which I really liked; however, the slider is not visible anymore. I'm not sure if the feature was removed, or there is an error with my config. I think the problem may be that amdcccle classifies my Panasonic plasma as a projector (although it does identify it as "Panasonic-TV" and sets resolution correctly). I tried looking through the aticonfig options, but couldn't find anything that related to non-TV-out overscan.

    System Info:
    Kubuntu 9.10
    Radeon HD3200
    DVI out(htpc)-->DVI cable-->HDMI adapter-->HDMI in(TV)

    Is there a way that I can force amdcccle to give me the "HDTV options" tab for a projector, or force it to reclassify my TV as a TV? Or can I use aticonfig?

    Thanks a million.

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    AFAIK the fglrx driver looks for an HDMI interconnect and one of the standard HDTV timings from EDID info. I was under the impression that it could recognize a DVI=>HDMI link when using an ATI-supplied adapter connected to the DVI connector - I suspect the issue here is that you have the DVI/HDMI adapter on the far end of an HDMI cable and so the card isn't able to recognize the HDMI-ness of your device. That's just a guess though... any chance you could borrow an HDMI cable and try with the adapter connected directly to the card ?


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      Thanks for the reply Bridgman.
      I used the HDMI from my PS3, but it's still the same issue (even after reboot). It still thinks it's a projector.

      I have not had problems with EDID over DVI in the past, and fglrx seems to get EDID correctly with both cables (hence, the "Panasonic-TV").

      Any ideas for aticonfig or perhaps a xorg.conf option?



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        What resolution are you running ? If it's not 720p, 1080i or 1080p I don't think it will get recognized as an HD TV.


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          I use 1280x720, but for grins I tried 1920x1080, and still no luck.


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            Was it the actual consumer HD timing ?


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              Originally posted by bridgman View Post
              Was it the actual consumer HD timing ?
              I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean.
              The refresh rate is 60Hz, but I don't think that's what your asking.


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                Most TVs only expose EDID info for "TV timings", ie the industry standard timings for 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Those TVs normally get recognized as HD TVs. Regular displays may expose EDID info for modes which run at the same resolution but with different timing. Those do *not* get recognized as TVs and the overscan logic does not kick in.

                If you have a device which offers both computer and consumer HDTV timings via EDID I don't know what happens. I'm wondering if that's what you have.

                What does the manual for your TV say about supported timings ?


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                  I have never had any trouble with fglrx recognizing this as a TV before, and the overscan option showed up whenever the feature was released (9.8??). Here's the table my manual has:

                  horizontal sync vertical sync
                  1. 525(480)/60i 15.73 59.94
                  2. 525(480)/60p 31.47 59.94
                  3. 750(720)/60p 45.00 59.94
                  4. 1125(1080)/60i 33.75 59.94
                  5. 1125(1080)/60p 67.43 59.94
                  6. 1125(1080)/60p 67.50 60.00

                  Panasonic TH-37PX60U from 2006

                  Thanks again


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                    Edit time ran out. Hopefully this table is a little more readable

                    ---------------------horizontal sync------vertical sync
                    1. 525(480)/60i-------15.73-------------------59.94
                    2. 525(480)/60p-------31.47-------------------59.94
                    3. 750(720)/60p-------45.00-------------------59.94
                    4. 1125(1080)/60i-----33.75-------------------59.94
                    5. 1125(1080)/60p-----67.43-------------------59.94
                    6. 1125(1080)/60p-----67.50-------------------60.00