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Possible to get TV Wonder 650 to work?

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  • Possible to get TV Wonder 650 to work?

    Hey, does anyone know if it's possible to get at least basic support for the Diamond ATI TVWonder 650 USB under karmic?

    lsusb shows:
     Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0438:b003 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    but it doesn't show up in dev/video0 or anything like that, and I don't know of a program which will play it. I don't really have the money to go out and buy another tv tuner, so I really would like to get this one to work, or else I'm going to have to do something stupid like switch to windows :S

    Thanks for the help!


    Running Karmic Gnome
    Nvidia 7600 GT gfx card using the nvidia 195 drivers

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    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


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      bump please


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        I'm afraid you're out of luck here. If you scroll down on this page > you'll see that your tuner isn't supported. What I've gleaned from a quick check of the linuxtv mailing lists is that the ATI TV Wonder 650 cards (usb and pci) have no linux support nor will they get support.


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          NOTE: The ATI All-in-Wonder cards (which are not the same as the ATI TV Wonder, TV Wonder VE or TV Wonder Pro) will not work as a MythTV capture device because the GATOS drivers that are available provide only a limited subset of the V4L API. The TV Wonder series of cards are supported by the Bt8x8 Video4Linux driver.


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            So does that mean that there is at least some support for the card? I don't really understand how I go about getting it to work, regardless of if it's with mythtv (although it would be nice).

            What would I install to get it to work?



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              Bump Sorry, didn't fully understand your previous response.


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                Support for any of the 550/650 TV cards under Linux is non-existent as far as I have found. AMD does not seam to be willing to open source the hardware info like they do on Video Cards.

                I use my Theater 550 under Windows. Hopefully this situation will be remedied by AMD.

                Blue Beard


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                  I suppose running a VM of windows wouldn't work, would it?


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                    There's a lot of third party IP in the TV products, so supporting open source development for TV is a lot harder than on graphics. We also sold off a lot of the TV technology to Broadcom a couple of years ago, which makes things joyously complicated.

                    Best to assume that we will be continuing to support open source development on graphics but not on TV products. Sorry.